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  1. the 13 dislikes were from aussies haha lol

  2. @grimsbyfanclub34 just a shame he wasnt part of the 2003 winning side..

  3. hahahah spoony as mike katt

  4. grimsbyfanclub34

    yeah catt got creamed by larkham

  5. haha
    ‘off to spoony who’s suspisously forward’

  6. its not that spot on, doesnt catt get smashed more from the pass off jonny, should of smashed him more ha ha ha

  7. tht woz almost spot on, even the way johnston got tackled but the only bit of criticism i have is tht jst b4 dawson passes the ball 2 johnny he doesn’t aise up his arms as if to say “its not to the ref”. watch it u’ll c

  8. davenavarroforpm

    oh oh yes jolly good old chaps!

  9. Nice 😉

  10. JasonRobinsonFan123


  11. lmao this video meks me laugh quality video

  12. this is pure banter

  13. 5 live have just won the rugby world cup lol!

  14. excellent, haha

  15. HA! CLASSIC!