Video clip Score: 4 / five


  1. haha mr tucker a pe teacher at my school lool

  2. hahaha mr tucker (the goffs pe teacher) he my pe teacher loooool!!

  3. mr tucker 😮

  4. the goffs school guy is my pe teacher ROOFFFLLLL!!!!!!

  5. madaraddeumiployolbc

    There is Trying to be naughty brides “”

  6. i thought it was illeagle to film in a bathroom .

  7. @wwfanno99 lol u were rite haa

  8. @c02615223 yes yes u can

  9. “hidden camera” is basically a camera sitting in a potted plant..

  10. @beire23 Let me guess your British

  11. brian o driscoll what a smug dickhead!!!!!!!!!!

  12. in 3 years from hopefully ill be ready to take the proglide challenge

  13. Can i shave my bollocks hole with this product

  14. BaddestJournalism

    Someone shave the cameraman

  15. FIRST!!

  16. shame the American version is so much better.

  17. and this is why i love gillette