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  1. @1TheOneAndOnly1 we were never told about that … fuckin gimps :L

  2. That fellow in the purple,white and black jersey is going to be a star he is Ireland’s next Sexton

  3. Why when i look at all the videos of BOD there are people talking as if his best days are gone, he’ll be missed etc. He’s only 32 and still AMAZING! Oldest professional rugby player was 39! Still a few years in him yet anyway!! LOVE YOU BOD!!:D:D

  4. bod is quality. even though age isn’t doing him any favours, he will be sorely missed by ireland. he simply does no wrong and does the remarkable when least expected. throughout his career he has been the sole reason why ireland’s backline were able to be an international threat. ireland started becoming a lot more professional when BOD arrived on the scene. jason robinsons pretty good too.

  5. asainorc1thebest

    wow jason robinson is tiny!

  6. Incredible!

  7. I’m Irish and find this comment a little embaressing. Umaga is world famous and deservedly so, he has a lot of results to show, including Tri-Nations honors as captain. No need to put down one world class player to talk up another, BOD doesn’t need that

  8. Because they’re both attacking centres with awesome defence. I think it’s BOD’s ability to go through gaps and Umaga’s ability to go through players that diffrentiates them. Massive respect for both players is due

  9. Yeah mate that’s so true. You have to wonder about someone’s logic when they compare two players, whose careers spanned a whole decade, over two games only? Especially since Tana was a winger in 99 lol.

  10. Wouldn’t be nice if you lot knew anything about Rugby?

    Brian O’Driscol is a fine player, and Umaga was also a fine player. As a player, Umaga was an inspirational leader, very hard hitter, amazing passer and strong and fast runner. O’Driscoll, plays a flashier style. He is a very good player in other aspects of the game. To compare the two is stupid. i prefer Umaga, but I still rate O’driscol highly. To say Umaga was outplayed by french back is idiotic, as different players perform different

  11. brianrobinson1314

    tanas a coach BOD is not, fair enough neither of them have won a world cup. Thats why larkham is the best haha end off. lol

  12. Correct..O’Driscoll is in a different league. His genius the reason hes tagged the worlds best centre of the decade

    I will be honest, i only know major names of world Rugby such as O’ maybe its harder to judge against low profile players such as umaga who aint known outside their homeland. All i will say having seen recent vids..umaga played for NZ in WC semi in 1999 and was outclassed by the French backs, 6 weeks later O’Driscoll tore the French apart with a hat trick in Paris

  13. u are actually an idiot you either know nothing about rugby or your just thick.bod was taken off because he clashed heads with roussow.also hes one of the best defenders in rugby,if u dont beleive me watch the sa match

  14. 3:16-3:20 Yes jason does it again, gases like 12 people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Yeah whatever you loser.

  16. btw i was watching a tana umaga vid.
    and this vid popped up at the end so i just wanted to hear what BOD was talking about,
    no biggie.

  17. Your welcome. O’driscoll is better btw. You never answered why your watching interviews of him???

  18. thank you 🙂

  19. Really nice comeback moron lol!

  20. yeah ok Mr End off lol

    you were meant say “Umaga is better than BOD END OF STORY”

  21. Why are you watching interviews with Brian O’driscoll anyway??? Go watch Tana. BOD is the better than Umaga end off.

  22. are you kidding
    O’Driscoll cant even tackle. The idiot injuried himself trying to do a big hit against RSA., and he got punished.
    and to make it worse he did AGAIN.

    He aint even in Umaga’s League.

  23. O’driscoll is better than Umaga.

  24. As for drico this season? How old is he? The player of the 6 nations, his step is back, he still has savage gas, and he is in the top 3 in the world for breakdown play. And for NZ people, if you had a chance to pick him for the blacks? Course you would. Show some respect.

  25. BOD is a incredible player,but he does not carry the team. Exuce me aswell you said 2 wins was a massive sucess…i dont know what stats sheet you are looking at BUT ireland overall if all the points were totted up are second only to France!that is a known fact.Check the stats….Players like Hickey,darcy,Paul o C,and Keith wood,Malcom o Kelly!BODs sort of went missing for 2 years…POC if anything carried the team…POC also destroyed france this year.
    With respect Check the stats!