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  1. I still rate the 1987-89 All Black team as the best rugby team I’ve ever seen and I say this as an Aussie. They were so far ahead of any other team on the planet it wasn’t funny.

  2. @Tehui1974

    Whether people like it or not, it will be England vs New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup Final 2011. The draw would lend to this outcome and New Zealand will probably just sneak it…

  3. @wf1477 That’s quite a compliment considering the Wallabys have a better world cup record than the All Blacks. I think the Wallabys should make the final at least in 2011, I’m just hoping my AB side manages to meet your side in the final

  4. @wf1477

    I’m English, and i completely agree. The 1996 All Blacks team especially, had a back 3 of Cullen, Wilson and Lomu, a backrow of Jones, Kronfeld and Brooke, and a front row of Brown, Fitzpatrick and Dowd.

    Just pure class all round!

  5. GrungeRocker1000

    England FTW!!

  6. @ragers666: Lomu the greatest winger? I disagree with you! He just couldn’t make it when it mattered: RWCs ’95 and ’99. The RWC ’95 Springboks easily stopped him. The players who were unable to tackle him (v. g. the RWC ’95 England team) couldn’t do it because they were scare of him, not because he had “extraordinary” skills.
    The best team I’ve seen: the RWC ’91 Wallabies!

  7. ’87 AB team…without a doubt the greatest. Our greatest ever AB team even disregarding the WC.

    Grant Fox would’ve made Jonah, who is the greatest winger, chase his tail trying to get the ball.

  8. Clint Eastwood should have made the damn film about them!

  9. Hands down the 1987 New Zealand All Blacks Team!

    None of the opposing teams were even close!

  10. I’m actually a older than a few of the ’95 All Blacks and yet they are still my Rugby Heroes! Great conversation, I was sure they’d give it to ’91 Aussies.

  11. when joel stransky says the 95 all blacks were the best world cup team ever, that really is saying something. im an aussie rugby fan and memories of the 91 and 99 cup winning teams make me proud, but even i have to say.. that 95(and then 96)AB team was the greatest rugby team ever period. the perfect combination of power, skill, spped, youth, experience, game breakers and confidence to use it all. they started the flair without fear that the modern rugby fan associates with all black rugby.

  12. bokkes are good, but they to me wouldnt have been the best team. 1991 would.

  13. That is true, they were poisoned and an awesome team. I would actually give it to 2007 springboks though. The losses people are talking about in the tri nations before the cup, they only just lost and had 9 people out of their starting line up for one game and sent there reserve team for second game which was close. It is a pretty complete team when ya can send your second stringers over to play tri nations and have them only just lose

  14. no point tip toeing around the fact that the 95 AB’s were poisoned prior to the final and was a big factor in their defeat…

    best team though… 91 wallabies ftw!!!

  15. fair enough…
    kirwan was on fire. any all black team played in NZ are hard to beat. have a look at ‘springboks vs Cavaliers’ on youtube. some of the greatest games played. catch a glipse of gerber, carel du plessis, uli schmidt up against greats like mexted, fox. later mate.

  16. Possibly. There is little doubt that the SA side of the 80’s had some great players. In fact Bill Mclaren put Danie Gerber down at his outside centre for his greatest ever XV. But i think that the way the All Blacks played in that tournament would have made it hard for them to be stopped. Admittedly the SA side that has been put down is certainly a tough side.

  17. were’nt playing, sure. can always comment. a lot of us here have the greatest respect for the all blacks. they won 87 fair & square. BUT… many pundit know that between 83 and 89, we had the strongest bok side we EVER had. Game breakers like Gerber & Botha who are still regarded as the best in their positions. Gerber made puppets of NZ caviliers just 1 year earlier & bothas record speaks for it self. in 95 we were lucky! in 87, we would have WALKED it…

  18. Very true. The 1995 team would probably have the edge in attack but the Aussie team was so strong in defence. Horan vs Bunce, Larkham vs Merthens etc.

  19. you know what would be a good game

    all blacks 1995 world cup team v Wallabies 1999 World Cup team!

    That would be close.

  20. Dude the All Blacks always choke!!!!!!!!!

  21. Thats only because the all blacks choked and were kicked out before any of those teams had a chance to beat them.

  22. For me the All Blacks of 1995 were probably the most complete side in the world cup. But they didn’t win so for me out of the winners it has to either be England of 2003 and the All Blacks of 1987. The Bok fans can say what they want about 1987 but they weren’t playing in that tournament so they can’t comment.

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  24. The 1987 All Blacks were tought a lesson in 1986 by the Springboks!!!!!!!