The full name of Jonny Wilkinson is Jonathan Peter Wilkinson. He was born on 25th of May in the year 1979. He took birth in Frimley which is situated in Surrey. He is a professional rugby player who plays in the English Rugby Union. Jonny is also included in the national rugby team of England. The best years of Wilkinson’s rugby career is said to be from the year 2001 to 2003. During this particular period, Jonny got the recognition as a professional rugby player. This was possible because of his excellent performances that were showed by the player. Jonny played a vital role in the Rugby World Cup of 2003.

In this particular event, England became the world champion. This was possible for the immense contribution of this rugby player for the particular sport. During the time of play Jonny is always very aggressive and strong. He can change the game at any moment. Wilkinson is highly appreciated for his dependable nature. The last goal which was scored at the last minute during the final match of 2003 Rugby World Cup against Australian Rugby team came from Jonny Wilkinson. This particular player plays for Toulon in club rugby level and also in Newcastle Falcons in the English Premiership. In two tours he was also included in the Irish and British Lions in 2005 and 201 seasons respectively. He scored 67 points. On 3rd of April in the year 2009, Jonny was awarded an honorary doctorate at Guildford Cathedral by University of Survey. This particular award was given as a token of appreciation to this player for sport industry.

Since childhood, Jonny Wilkinson was very much attracted towards the sport of rugby. At a very young he started to play the sport of rugby. He was sent to training camps for professional training of the sport. He went Pierrepnt School which is situated in Frensham for education purpose. He played in the school rugby team. When he was only twelve years old, Jonny declared to his school master that his main ambition of life is just to play for the England Rugby team. He also said that he will achieve his dream at any cost. Other than the sport of Rugby, Jonny Wilkinson was also attracted towards other sports.

The other sports which he played were cricket, basketball and tennis. He shifted from Pierrepont to Lord Wandsworth College which is situated in Hampshire for completing his A-levels education. He took Biology, Chemistry and French in his A-levels of studies and was successful in gaining the place in University of Durham. But, in the year 1997, he sacrificed his studies for becoming a rugby player by profession. In this particular year he got the chance in Newcastle Falcons.