Video clip Score: four / five


  1. usernamealredytaken

    True english hero! Keep right on!

  2. 1:51 …Jesus I’m melting…

  3. surely this must be nearly 10 years old?

  4. when was this filmed?

  5. fantastic bloke

  6. jonny rocks
    come on england

  7. @XyliaTaffan hes such a nice guy, hes not snobby what so ever

  8. I have a friend who looks EXACTLY like this dude, thats why i clicked on this vid. i thought it was him!!!!,,, lolz hes kinda hot, and doesnt look like he has such an ego,, considering his looks and probably money XD it makes him even hotter that he doesnt look like a snobby kinda guy ^^ peace

  9. Johnny marry me!!!!!

  10. Jonny babe, be my boyfriend. You’re utterly gorgeous. Extremely handsome. I dribble at the sight of you. I melt. Oooh Jonny, kiss me. Now. x

  11. he looks a lot like heath ledger i think

  12. he was such´╗┐ a great actor, he shouldnt have done brokeback mountain though

  13. his smile at 1:51 is so CUTEE!!

  14. oh jonny, take me awayy <3

  15. im so glad i’ve found this – thanks for uploading