Video clip Score: 5 / five


  1. Jonny’s still better than flood!

  2. women drink rock and roll this is why carling was crap at rugby

  3. his dad has a TASH!

  4. @mclarenmc88 are they long lasting injuries that will keep popping up on you or are they just one off things…. it shoudn’t hurt your chances though you should be fine just keep training and will hopefully see you playing pro with mbeast04 and me one day 🙂

  5. @rugbyking32 I’m in the same boat as mbeast04. I’m the same age, but i have had a few knee injuries on the past two years. would that seriously hurt my chances of playing rugby at a higher level?

  6. @mbeast04 get through to local academys or county level will help you get picked and better feedback need any more specific message me

  7. one of the greatest players the world has ever seen/will ever see… years on and he is still an incredible, talented and dedicated player.. would love to meet him and get some tips, i am 17 (nearly 18) and have only just really started playing proper rugby union… i would love to get really good and hope to play at a high standard in years to come.. i am jealous of Jonny!!…. Hope the rest of his career is as good as it has been so far if not better!!… Love Rugby…..

  8. what’s the name of the song at 1.09 please !!???

  9. legend, no really he is a legend of the game