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  1. @Hmsdistroy yeh. i make sure i remind my friends of this incident every month or so 🙂

  2. @Vike1993 no

  3. @abdg32esd23 you sir, must be the most hated person in Australia.

  4. im australian. i remeber watching this when i was 8 and going for england

  5. As much as i would like to chop that motherfuckers legs off for robbing that game from us like any proud australian would, that was one of the best games i have ever seen. My heart was literally in my throat throughout the whole game, a collosal effort from both teams and a deserving win by england.

    But nothing is stopping the wallabies this year, go the mighty green and gold!

  6. SimplyPhenominalV3

    @MrJenkooo im with you 100 percent on that one

  7. Wales will probably have to do this in the semi on saturday, and we’ll most likely miss haha!

  8. I’ve still got goosebumps 🙂

  9. @jackchrisevans Jonny Wilkinson…He did that because he was injured and to give the Aussies further to chase down the kicker…

  10. @MUFCFOREVER140 No, all the people who dislike this are trolls or people who dont really like england for Some reason dont be racist to Australians…..

  11. @MUFCFOREVER140 or French, or NZL, or SAfr, or Welsh, or Irish, or Scottish, etc…etc…etc…etc…….etc
    But credit to Jonny, love that player.

  12. I went mental, even 8 years on. I hope he does it again,

  13. TheCondemnedProphet

    Tindall my ass. He’s not even that good. I think our key player is the new zealand player we have. Armitage and Ashton are good too.

  14. who’s the one on their hands & knees at 0:59 ?

  15. im a fan of football but this was the greatest sporting moment of my lifetime!

  16. @MUFCFOREVER140 or irish, or scottish, or welsh, or french . . . lol

  17. after england won the rugby world cup suddenly truck loads of people joined my rugby club (i live in england). it was crazy how much interest in rugby our win generated.

  18. lets hope tindall brings back the cup this year!!

  19. explodingsausage

    Shit commentary, made it sound like they’d won the rugby equivalent of the Carling cup.

  20. I love the sporting rivalry between England and Austrailia

  21. I love the sporting rivalry between England and Austrailia

  22. I’m Australian and English but I support Australia and I was extremely disappointed when this happened but Wilkinson was absolutely fantastic here. Btw there is no need to get hostile against Australia, some of u are beginning to get offensive.

  23. fcukugimmeausername

    @ArkhonDhuum I don’t think that’s possible. AU will face SA in the semis and loose to Mr. Onlyeverkickstheballcausenorealtalent Steyn and NZ will face SA in the finals (after NZ beat England in the SF). SA will beat NZ in the finals, but after the 80min mark NZ will punch on and smash the SA players into 6 month comma’s for degrading Union into a shitty kickfest.

  24. @fcukugimmeausername I think you mean the All Blacks…

  25. fcukugimmeausername

    Good to see those Aussie spankers get served! Hope they enjoy loosing in the Semis against SA this year!