Video Ranking: four / 5


  1. @MaKaVeLi784

    carter is great, no doubt. but wilkinson has never had the luxury of a nz backline to work with. look at what he’s done with limited resources around him.his allround game is, i believe, superior to carters but carter is able to shine with such a great team around him

  2. pure class both the video and the subject

  3. it’s a great video jonny wilkinson is a great rugby player but i still think dan carter is better !!! carters best

  4. @wolfteammmh Hahaha. At least he plays in France, so you get the chance to see him. Nice comment though, merci.

  5. Dalarna MANDO DIAO (music)

  6. he is the best rugby player…what a fly-half….18 years old so powerfull and good

  7. music ??

  8. Jonny just the best.

  9. what is the music?

  10. Too bad he is not french ;D

  11. One of the best players of all the time.
    Go France.

  12. Ye but he didn’t and we got a try cos he used his noodle and that fake drop goalwhat a try

  13. was that lomu? 3:50 OMG, if jonny had ran straight he might have been knocked out cold!


  15. :L lmao :S you sure??


    your extremely dumb

    sort your life out


    before somebody decks you 😀 freindly advice

    dont say that again

  16. the english say England world the Rugby world cup,well there wrong johnny wlkinson won it on his own!!!

  17. I got to sit in his dressing room chair at twickenham x)

  18. i’m still making it.. in about 1 week i’ll post it here 😀

  19. TwilightSagaZone

    is there a part 2 of this yet? This is great

  20. Awesome video….. this guy makes you proud to be a Brit, hope you stay healthy Jonny and get to roast the Southern Hemisphere teams this November, bring on part 2 cigarr0!! Great job…..

  21. mutxo wilkinson k makina