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  1. stop talking Jonny and take ya shirt off!!!

  2. Both DC and Wilko are great fly-halves. It would be amazing to see them both against each other at their peaks. Wilko better defence and kicker but DC more flair and a stronger running game. Saw DC at the ANZ Stadium outside Sydney versus Giteau, absolutely awesome!

  3. Johnny has to be respected. he has dugg england out of situations so many times..

    I respect that man, even though I am a Springbok fan..

  4. jonny’s played in 2 world cup grand finals..he won one of them..carter’s played 2 world cup campaigns..both of which ended terribly. i’d have my money on jonny to stand up and perform when it really matters..

  5. i think ive seen the same guy saying dan carters better on each of jonny’s videos..weird

  6. he is so perfect!! cute cute and good player, love him!

  7. Tell that to the IRB who awarded him the International Player Award.

  8. dan carters only better then jonny because jonnys’ been injured so much. Dan Carters not as good as he’s cracked up to be.

  9. Dan Carter has already stolen the limelight. What are you on about Jonny?

  10. omg that kid is SO cute!! as is Jonny 🙂

  11. god. he is so gorgeous!

  12. Johnny is very good, England’s finest. But the truth is Dan Carter is better, not much better but a bit. Go Johnny!

  13. just perfect!!!!!1111

  14. je l’aime cet anglais
    c’est dingue

  15. thanks for the upload can u do some more please

  16. im sure he doesnt mind being famous xD

  17. Aww Jonny. Thanks for uploading this!

  18. Thanks for uploading these!!! 🙂 Xx

  19. Thanks for uploading these!!! 🙂 Xx