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  1. MrDebashishMohanty

    Europeans have all kinds of kicking postures.

  2. whats with the fuckin nature sounds lol

  3. You are aware that you play the same kick over and over? You dickweed.

  4. @promisquis1
    That was/is his role lol. In the 2003 WC England bouced Aus all over the pitch and mawled them quite badly…the 2007 win over you was a fluke/lucky I believe.

  5. and mate just wondering who won the world cup yea so do you think he needed to score



    Yes moron, how many tries do you think England scored in each game in the fucking WORLD CUP? I’m just going to hazard a guess that maybe the wingers scored more, yehr? At fly half kicking is pretty essential!

  7. At the 2003 World cup all he could do was kick! He never scored a single try.

  8. davenavarroforpm

    Truly the ‘high’lighrs of his career!