Video clip Score: 4 / five


  1. some of the ‘posed’ photos aren’t him but my god……..

  2. He’s fecking hot…end of.

  3. ooo jonny wilkinson is luuuuush!

  4. wow, he’s gorgeous^^ now I’m a rugby fangirl^^

  5. Gay ? You are crazy and jealous !
    Jonny Wilkinson are the best !

  6. @siyabulela365 bryan habana,pieenar what is wrong with you ,you might need a pair of glasses

  7. ok seriously he looks liike Heath ledger. i mean COME ON!!! and randomness is that my dad have that ringtone!

  8. @zulka25 U may be a fag but at least you an honest fag: u want to fuck wilko but the question remains – would wilko want to fuck u!!

  9. this is a bit too gay for my liking

  10. lmao one thing just came to mind, I know girls ain’t saying GAY because this is a girl video (: but what in the blue hell are guys doing searching up sexy moments from male ;D Aww ya so gay! ;D

  11. @wilko1023 no, it’s for women !

  12. @wilko1023 if its gay why the hell did you watch it?

  13. GAY

  14. He did England proud in 2003. Hot, as well as talented. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I thought he did England proud in Nov 2003. He is great-looking guy too, as well as talented. XXXXXXXXX

  16. i thought this was sexy kicks i was sadly mistaken

  17. I wanna suck his cock sooo bad!

  18. @SgtFuzzie I can put my cock into your ass if you want.

  19. @zulka25 Please Dont Put that picture into my head… No offenec

  20. is it just me or does everyone else see heath ledger?

  21. I’m gay and i love this guy! i would like to fuck him

  22. Those two topless pics of jonny at te start are photoshopped but omg the rest of them he’s gorgeous xx great vid xx

  23. oooft, 😉 xx

  24. seeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. seeeeexxxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!