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  1. No Dan Carter is the best. Jonny is just someone who looks up to him.

  2. Your best asset was left on the bench against France at his last world cup. But then again, he’s no Dan Carter.

  3. Putain le Johnny il sait qu’il a pas intéret à les louper ces 3 points !!! Magic Johnny t’es un anglais mais t’es tellement pardonné avec ce jeu que tu offre au monde entier <3

  4. Jonny be good !!!
    Sir Jonny Wilkinson est aujourd’hui Toulonnais…
    Toujours au top, c’est surement grace à lui que le RCT en est là aujourd’hui.
    Merci Jonny you are the Best !!!

  5. I think he is the best player to grace the game…JW is only 30 he is in great condition hes works very very hard he is also one of the biggest hitters tacklers in the game he really gets stuck in. I am happy he is back in the england frey and I expect to see him first choice next 6 nations through to the next world cup. He should just be himself its his best asset.

  6. So good to see this fella back in an England shirt