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  1. I loved it how on ITV, they predicted England to win it this year. They played horribly.

  2. 480p my ass…

  3. england were a disgrace this year.

  4. Hah I just found myself punching the table at 4:28 in frustration as if this were live 😀

  5. At one point it looks like there are more english in the stadium than ozzies.

  6. 2003 is top game in the rugby World Cup good year

  7. @rendall lol.

  8. @rendall ha ha

  9. La concha de tu madre ingles hijo de mil putas

  10. best day of my life so far

  11. like if u watched this just to see johnny’s field goal!

  12. best england team ever, n best final i fink

  13. also no courtesy from eddie jones just avoided woodward at 12.08 sore loser in defeat!

  14. it is a shame that john taylor the commentator has been replaced he was a very good one and had a great voice for rugby. this day will never be forgotten JOHNNY WILKINSON HE’S GOT IT!!!

  15. @SSJChad Its sad to see such a once great player somewhat lose his touch 🙁

  16. Wilkinson is seriously pathetic without his boot. He couldn’t snatch victory from the French this year 🙂

  17. Wales – new Zealand final


    @TheChongmaster He still is mate, but only in Top 14 rugby for some stupid reason!

  19. I am not happy with England’s performance today.. So sad.. 🙁

  20. Wow … Johnny Wilko WAS good …..

  21. good to see the ref swallowing his whistle and allowing the game to flow… idiot!

    every 5 seconds.. its tweeeet!! penalty….. tweeeet!! penalty…..

  22. @rendall Non puisque vous allez perdre demain 🙂 ALLEZ LA FRANCE !!

    Pronostic : France 21 – 15 England

  23. Watched this in a packed bar in Fremantle, WA. Ah, the sheer pleasure of being on their own patch and shoving all the Aussie crap back down their throats at the end. Thanks Jonny and the boys.

  24. Ahh the days when Wilkinson was hitting everything