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It is a very normal sight that Billy Vunipola will be barreling over the boundary as many despair filled hands fly in the air because of the try he made and missed a few minutes ago. One look at the clock at that moment can be worrying for a casual spectator as it read 74:05 and that meant that the game had reached its final few minutes. Billy was still swinging by as he started to respond to his loss of position in the English team last autumn.

He said that it’s really great to play in full 80 as it is one thing that he enjoys doing. When he went away with England, it was turned into some huge issue which was honestly outside his hands. Although the game was very tough, he is happy to beat the 80.

The pain after the match was clearly written across his face and his body language when he was coming back from the line. He had his hands on his head and his face was all scrunched up just the same way his instinct was. He later confessed that he lost out because he had fallen into his comfort zone and had started taking everything very granted.

He says that he has a lot to work on to keep up and not become over-confident. He decided to think that not everything will be coming his way just the way they had been for the past one year. He somewhat ignored what little extra they did after training. He recently avoided the extra ten minutes as he thought it would be fine. He accepted that he has taken a huge lesson from this and will never repeat the same again.