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New Sky Academy Ambassador & rugby great Jonny Wilkinson recently participated in rugby skills program that was meant to inspire little students in exploring their rugby skills. The skill session was an initiative by Sky Academy and was hosted at Guildford County School.

It was Jonny’s maiden visit to the skill session as the new Sky Academy Ambassador where he met more than thirty eager students who were greatly benefited from participating in the Sky Sports Living for Sport. He was accompanied by mentors from Sky Sports Living for Sport Athlete, Rugby World Cup hero Maggie Alphonsi & GB Brown, captain of GB National Wheelchair Rugby squad. Brown held a practical session named “Six Keys to Success” that was themed around life skills & athletes identified them as helping aide in successful sports stories.

The Guildford County School students had this great opportunity to listen to Jonny as the rugby great went on to share his own personal experiences regarding life skills collected through sport & how those have assisted him both off & on the pitch. More »

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It is a very normal sight that Billy Vunipola will be barreling over the boundary as many despair filled hands fly in the air because of the try he made and missed a few minutes ago. One look at the clock at that moment can be worrying for a casual spectator as it read 74:05 and that meant that the game had reached its final few minutes. Billy was still swinging by as he started to respond to his loss of position in the English team last autumn.

He said that it’s really great to play in full 80 as it is one thing that he enjoys doing. When he went away with England, it was turned into some huge issue which was honestly outside his hands. Although the game was very tough, he is happy to beat the 80.

The pain after the match was clearly written across his face and his body language when he was coming back from the line. He had his hands on his head and his face was all scrunched up just the same way his instinct was. He later confessed that he lost out because he had fallen into his comfort zone and had started taking everything very granted.

He says that he has a lot to work on to keep up and not become over-confident. He decided to think that not everything will be coming his way just the way they had been for the past one year. He somewhat ignored what little extra they did after training. He recently avoided the extra ten minutes as he thought it would be fine. He accepted that he has taken a huge lesson from this and will never repeat the same again.

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He is arguably the best player English rugby has seen over the last 20 years or so, a lot has been written about him in the media, his life has been under the scrutiny of the public for years but still, Jonny Wilkinson has remained an enigma. So extensive has the media coverage of him been over the years that one is led to believe that he or she knows all there is to know about the former England international but he still manages to surprise one and all with his views.

It seems that Wilkinson still lives in a mental world of torturous rugby – where he is still thriving for more success and greatness. It seems that even the winner’s Gold medal around the neck from the 2003 Rugby World Cup is not enough to quench his thirst. 9 years on from arguably the greatest moment in English rugby, Jonny Wilkinson still exudes and aura which is completely different from any other player on the circuit.

He has achieved so much and given so much to the game that he will easily be forgiven if he decided to call time on a glorious career. But the lure of success is something that still gets the better of him and with the England national team enjoying a turnaround in fortunes under Stuart Lancaster, there are chances that Wilkinson will become a part of his coaching set up with the national team.

Speaking to ESPN, Jonny Wilkinson stated that he spends a lot of time coaching himself individually at his club and it is something that he thinks a lot about. He talked about attention to detail, motivation and several other aspects that only a player of his caliber can and is almost certain to be a success if he walks down the coaching path.

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